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Being in the fashion business as a costume jewelry designer and living here in Jamaica, I have many times encountered several obstacles in terms of sales of some of my designs. Jamaicans, for the most part, believe that Skulls are symbolism of death.

This has pushed me to want to write about the subject.

Skulls are no longer just a symbol of death!

When you see a skull you shouldn’t reach to judgment or assume it represents a symbol of death.

As a matter of fact, after making some research on the subject, I found that from Mexican to Celtic, to ancient and primitive cultures, skulls have different meanings.

The symbolism of skulls to many include:

Protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom and guidance overcoming death.

In fashion, there’s nothing to think about skulls in particular other than its cool and trendy!

How cool is this Alexander Mc Queen knuckle box clutch!! We love it!

And why not eat them! These Skull cookies look quite scrumptious!! Made by Chrissy Cakes also www.facebook.com/chrissycakesonline


So for all the Skull trend lovers, here is a little taste of how we wear our Swizz Beads Skulls.


June 19, 2013 by Tiffany Edwards

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