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Effortlessly elegant, yet full of grit, Tiffany is a walking embodiment of the jewelry she creates. Like her, they are multifaceted and timeless. From sea to land, day to night, Tiffany's Swizzbeads collections reflect the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle she herself has grown to love and cherish.

Born in Switzerland to a Jamaican mother and Swiss father, Tiffany spent much of her childhood exploring the fields and forests around her home in Lausanne with exotic summers spent wading through seaside surf and sandy beaches in the Caribbean. Having grown up in two very different worlds, Tiffany gained a unique sensibility – one that reflects a sophisticated Caribbean vibe combined with European elegance. Her Swiss-inspired craftsmanship is precise and intricate. She creates durable pieces that endure for years, while her island roots keep her designs simple and chic.

Always the adventurer, Tiffany made Jamaica her home and launched Swizzbeads in 2011 - just in time for the island’s 50thAnniversary. Her “Jamaica-50” bracelet was worn by the country’s 2012 Summer Olympics team, including the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. As the athletes accepted medal after medal donning their custom-made bracelet, Swizzbeads became an overnight sensation.

Now, Swizzbeads includes an eclectic collection of both necklace and bracelet designs that are sold at some of the Caribbean’s finest hotels. Inspired by memories of the first handcrafted Brazilian bracelet she made as a girl, Tiffany still assembles each piece by hand. The materials she uses reflect the natural surroundings of the islands – smooth gemstones and volcanic rock, curved cowry shells and glitzy crystals in hues of ocean blue and colors like grains of sand, pink sunsets, green gardens and ripe purple fruits. Tiffany hopes her intricate pairing of delicate silks, strings, beads and charms will unleash childlike joy for each wearer. Her “less is more” aesthetic makes a statement because they allow the collector to mix and match pieces of various textures, colors and patterns to create their own distinct island vibe.