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Take a seat!

In October of last year, I traveled to Milan and of course as everyone who loves fashion knows, Milan is a fashion capital. I definitely knew then I’d be coming back fully inspired. The Motta Caffè at the Mercato del Duomo was one of my favorite places. Not only was I attracted by the amazing lineup of fresh sandwiches, but the décor was also just screaming: Take a seat! It had such an amazing feeling, all captured by a very tasteful and clever association of colors, textures, and patterns. I simply loved it! Just for the little story, the Motta...
Swizz Beads launched it’s Summer line 2013 at one of the leading hotels of the World, the Beau- Rivage Palace Lausanne, Switzerland during the American Afterwork Party of the 4th of July 2013. Here are some of the pictures of the event we’ve selected. Enjoy!
It’s Tuesday again! This time, we are traveling to Switzerland! We are going to the mountains in one of the most known ski resorts and a popular destination amongst high-class society and the international Jet set:  Gstaad The middle of the village features a picturesque promenade bounded by numerous high-end shops, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels.   In the 1960′s, Gstaad was named “The Place” by Time Magazine due to the wide amount of famous part-time residents and vacationers. During my last visit to Switzerland, I was able to visit the village of Gstaad and had the opportunity to discover some of the stores and...
The Swizz Beads blog will be dedicated to sharing sources of inspiration in design, fashion, art and culture captured from my experiences, living in Jamaica and Switzerland. As the creator of Swizz Beads, I’m looking forward to the brand’s growth in the future. I’m very optimistic about the position of the brand now, and I’m embracing the challenges and opportunities that are ahead for Swizz Beads. I invite you all to be a part of that journey! Tiffany EdwardsCEO – Swizz Beads