Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again! This time, we are traveling to Switzerland!

We are going to the mountains in one of the most known ski resorts and a popular destination amongst high-class society and the international Jet set:  Gstaad

The middle of the village features a picturesque promenade bounded by numerous high-end shops, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels.


In the 1960′s, Gstaad was named “The Place” by Time Magazine due to the wide amount of famous part-time residents and vacationers.

During my last visit to Switzerland, I was able to visit the village of Gstaad and had the opportunity to discover some of the stores and particularly one that fitted Swizz Beads image very well: Lorenz Bach.

What amazed me the most was the contrast between the architecture and decor of the store, Chalet with its modern/rustic interior. The choice of clothing and accessories was very tasteful, colorful, trendy; a perfect match for Swizz Beads.

 If you are in the area it’s definitely a store that’s worth the detour. There’s even a kids floor.

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